The right operational improvement strategy for your company

Many organizations are nowadays attracted by LEAN. That is not surprising since one of the most appealing aspects of LEAN is the way it improves the culture of an organization in a very pragmatic and tangible way. LEAN is however not the solution for all challenges ahead and quite often there is a need for a differentiated approach in order for a company to operate successfully in the mid and long term.


The current popularity of LEAN can be explained by the simple yet powerful methods which are part of typical LEAN implementations. The first results are often obtained fast which is supporting high levels of commitment from the workforce and management. The concept of LEAN is the elimination of waste in the broadest sense of the word which is universally applicable to all possible workprocesses. There have been many successful LEAN implementations with high improvements in productivity as a result.


One of the main characteristics of LEAN is the focus on improving existing processes. This can lead to the risk that insufficient attention is given to developments in production processes and technology. The new developed processes can however lead to radical efficiency improvements which cannot be accomplished by deploying LEAN. Not having sufficient focus on these new developments can therefore create risks for the mid to long term performance of a company.


Timely and thorough reflection of the operation is needed to ensure sufficient competitive leverage. In this reflection developments in business strategy as well as  technical and technology advancements need to be taken into account. Based on these the right operational improvement strategy can be defined to ensure business success on the mid and long term.

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