In current times of digitalization of society, shifting markets and climate change new challenges emerge for businesses. Unstable market conditions, increasing competition and increased governmental controls put pressure on achieving business goals. The availability of an actual and accurate strategy helps in creating a competitive advantage and ensures seamless consistency  with the operating model.

CUSTOR supports in developing business strategies by applying business expertise and the latest analytic models and methods. This creates the insight in what is needed to navigate your business to a successful future. This means that opportunities are captured and threads identified in an early stage so that mitigation can be done timely. A professional defined strategy gives shareholders, business leaders and employees the trust that the company is on it’s way to achieve it’s ambitions.

CUSTOR can also support in translating corporate strategies into unit strategies and implement these. Stringent deployment of a strategy is crucial in operationalization and capitalization of it. The senior business expertise of CUSTOR ensures adequate strategy deployment with maximum business impact as result.

The continuous developments in digitalization, availability of raw materials and society make timely adjustments of traditional operational processes necessary. Changing customer expectations, increasing costs of raw materials and globalization of supply chains demand higher levels of operational efficiencies of companies. A balance between cost control by productivity and raw material efficiencies on one hand and fulfillment of market demands by offering flexibility and appropriate service levels on the other hand is required.

CUSTOR has a proven track record in the development of streamlined operations. We combine the application of established improvement methods with investigating opportunities for automation, robotization and digital tools. The senior business expertise and powerful analytic and improvement methods available within CUSTOR will lead to maximized business results for our clients.

Increased speeds of current market developments demand timely and adequate adaptation of companies and their organizations. Imbalance between market expectations and company capabilities will be prevented which keeps the business on track with competition. When an actual and accurate  business strategy is available a pro-active redesign of a business organization can even lead to competitive advantage.

CUSTOR supports businesses in the redesign and streamlining of their organizations. From  a holistic point of view the structure, culture and work processes will be reviewed and optimized. This ensures the required alignment between market demands and your organization. Hiring senior business expertise of CUSTOR will unleash the full potential of your organization which is an important pre-condition for realizing the company goals.